How to Do Carpet Cleaning Properly for Busy Moms


When one of your tenants moved out of the building that means you have relieved yourself of a responsibility. And removing that responsibility from you also means cleaning the carpets in the recently vacated unit. This article will deal about everything you need to know on how to do proper carpet cleaning for busy moms. Moms these days have a lot of things to do. They wake up in the morning cleaning from room to another. It is like it never stops. Even if they want to check their social media accounts on their phones they can't because there are still things to do. Can you imagine adding another cleaning item on your list? This time it's the carpet. Do you have an idea how proper carpet cleaning goes? Presumably you know the process but can you do it properly and in a less time because you are just squeezing it in your busy schedule.

This article will help you to make your carpet cleaning better and faster. So moms out there hang on. This will save your time and effort. Let's start.

Prepare Your Things. Make sure your armaments for cleaning are ready. This includes safe cleaning solutions that you will need to use in the whole process, your cleaning and scrubbing materials and some pair of gloves. The vacuum cleaner is a plus for you to use. It saves your time and effort.

Evaluate The Area. Check for stains all around the house. This will ensure that you are not just jumping from one room to another. This will also ensure that your cleaning methods are systematic since you are only targeting those stains on the carpet and not cleaning the whole carpet which is tiring. And before you start pre-spraying the stains make sure to vacuum the whole place. You will not regret it later if you do this before pre-spraying the stains.

Pre-Spray The Stains. This is crucial for a successful Carpet Cleaning especially if you are planning to clean thick carpets. The solutions won't go deeper without focusing the spray per one area at a time. To lessen your time and conserve your effort, only do pre-spray on stains. This will agitate the stains even on thick carpets. The pre-spray will solve and remove the smell or unwanted odor you have observed.

Cleaning Time. This is the main part. It is recommended to invest on a good Water Restoration machine so you won't have to put more effort on cleaning. It usually takes 15 minutes to clean a carpet per room.

Following these steps will surely make your carpet cleaning better and easier.